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The game info section contains all the pages that are related specifically to the game.

The news page has all the latest Pitwall news that has been officially announced. On the status page you can find all the more technical information about the game. You can always translate the game into your local language on the translate page allows you to translate. The search page allows you to search for things in multiple locations in Pitwall. Finally this help section is also located under the game info tab.


News items

The news page gives an overview of all the latest Pitwall news entries. This is the official communication channel from the Pitwall administration to the members. If there are major problems or bugs with the game, or new features that are announced, then that will appear in this page.


It's possible to view the comments on every news item by clicking on the comments link. You will be re-directed to the comments, where you can enter your own comment. Please note that just like everywhere else on Pitwall, you have to be respectful (as stated in the terms) when you comment.


It's possible to like or dislike every news item, to show your appreciation or your discontent to the administration. These give an indication to the management on how the members react to the news post. Just like any other items that you can rate, you can like a news item by pressing the thumbs up, or dislike the news item by pressing the thumbs down.



The forum is split up in different categories, or sub forums. Everybody who registers is automatically enrolled in the General, features, bugs and the off-topic forums. These can be changed easily by following the guidelines below.


Please write respectfully in the forum. Bad behavior will not be tolerated and can result in an account ban.


You can chat on both the dedicated chat page, or you can also chat from the menu icon. The menu chat icon panel will automatically update based on the page that you're visiting. If you're visiting a page dedicated to your division, then it will automatically change to your division. You can recognize this if your division hashtag is pre-written in the chatbox text area.



The changelog is updated by the developers every time there's an update to the game. This change can be anything whether solely visual, or a gameplay mechanism change. Each line indicates when the change was actually made, followed by additional information. This additional information first states in which part of the game the change was made.

Type of changes

There are three type of changes:

  • New: This indicates that a new element was added. This doesn't always mean a big feature, but it can also be a small addition to the game.
  • Changed: When something is marked as changed it means that the previous behavior of something was changed.
  • Fixed: If something was not working as intended and this has been rectified, then it will be marked as fixed.

Game updates

Pitwall has different game updates that update the game. Every time one of those game updates are started or stopped, this is logged. The logged information can be accessed here.

Type of updates

The different updates:

  • Hour update: Runs every hour
  • Day update: Runs every day at 00:00:00
  • Week update: Runs at the end of every week (Monday morning 00:00:00)
  • Season update: Runs after the week update at the 13th week of the season. Changes the game to the next season.



Creating a bug report is not possible unless you are an administrator of the game. The best way to report bugs is by creating a forum topic in the bugs forum, or by opening a helpdesk ticket. Do not message administrators privately, as this will slow down the process of getting the bug reported.


You can filter the page using the filters at the top right of the table. Here you can choose between a number of options such as if it is a bug report or a feature request, whether the bug is open or closed and by the category of the bug. You can view more details about a bug by clicking on the subject link.

Non-administrators can't create bug reports or feature requests, but they can add information to existing entries which is especially encouraged for bug reports as it helps to find the cause of the problem quicker. Please provide as much information as you can however if you need to provide sensitive data, please open a helpdesk ticket with the information and to which bug report it applies to. If people are affected by bugs, they can increase the priority by voting for the bug. Each bug has a priority which was determined by the administrators as how urgent this bug needs to be fixed. The same can be done with the feature requests if you feel a particular feature would be a good addition to the game. You can also follow updates on the bug reports or feature requests by clicking on the watch button.

State of bug report

There are different states for a bug report:

  • Awaiting classification: The status a bug report has when it's created. Once a bug report has been looked at, the status will change to one of the following below.
  • Requires investigation: The bug wasn't immediately reproduceable and requires additional investigation by the management.
  • Confirmed as a bug: The reported bug is an actual bug and will be fixed soon.
  • Not a bug: The bug report is not an actual bug and the behaviour as described is usually intended.
  • Flagged as duplicated bug: An earlier bug report has been opened already that concerns the same issue.
  • Fixed: The bug has been resolved.

State of feature request

There are different states for a feature request:

  • Awaiting classification: The status a feature request has when it's created. Once a feature request has been looked at, the status will change to one of the following below.
  • Researching: The feature request is being looked at to see if it would be a welcome addition to the game.
  • Accepted: The feature request has been accepted and work will begin soon to implement the feature into the game.
  • Rejected: The feature request has been rejected and not deemed to be a welcome addition to the game.
  • In progress: Work on implementing the feature into the game has begun but it is not complete.
  • Implemented: The feature has been added into the game.



Please see the guidelines on the translation page, and stick to them. Failure to stick to them will lead to a translation ban or a game ban.


If you want to make changes, then you can update the text and a translator will approve or deny the changes. If you're a translator for the language you're translating, then the changes will be saved automatically, and there's no need approval required. Once a change is saved then the changes are committed every hour update.


This page allows you to search for members, teams, persons or forum posts. When entering a query on the search page, you will see the results instantly on this page.


The help pages are located in this wiki and they offer you information about all aspects of the game. Every article can be edited, but they required signing in.