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The management section is the first section that is specific to your team. It contains all the pages that are relevant to the management side of things in your team.

The desk is the first page you'll see when you're visiting the site as a logged in member. It gives you an overview of the most important aspects of the team: your emails, the calendar, any running negotiations, decisions, and the Pitwall Newspaper.

The team page allows you to change various properties of the team. You can change the car livery and the team colours. Or you can take a much more drastic decision and leave the competition to pull the team back from racing for a specific time. This page also allows you to choose a team specialisation which will give the team a specific advantage over the other teams. This page also allows you to go public with your team by selling shares.

The modifiers page shows your current point balance, how you are earning your points, any cost modifiers and how you have spent your points.

The finances page gives you an overview and history of your bank balance. You can also take out loans and make investments on this page.

The sponsors page allows you to negotiate and sign sponsors. It also gives you an overview on the sponsors that have been signed in previous, current, and future seasons.

The fans page shows your fan base and the image you portray your team to the fans.

Suppliers can be approached on the suppliers page. It allows you to sign a contract with one of the 4 different suppliers (engine, tyres, fuel and brakes), and even lets you try to negotiate a better deal.

The facilities page allows you to make long term decisions by expanding your team facilities.