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The research and development (R&D) section is the heart of every race team. This is where the car is developed and where the parts are produced. This page gives an overview of the modifiers which play an influence, and give an introduction on the main other areas of R&D.


R&D is influenced by several modifiers. These are calculated by the development team that is set in the Staff page. The head designer has the biggest influence in the modifiers, while the junior designers also play an influence.

Design team rating

The design team rating modifier can be seen as the overall quality measure of your assigned design team. It measures how capable your design team is of handling difficult concepts. This is measured in a percentage. This percentage needs to be higher than the minimum required design team rating of a concept in order to be able to start a development project of a concept. This modifier is calculated as a combination of the experience, inventive and reproductive skill of each designer who is assigned to a position.

Concept insights

Concept insights is a modifier which plays an influence on the two aspects listed below. The modifier is calculated based on the experience of the design team.

Remaining undiscovered concepts

There could many concepts that are up for discovery. How many are still waiting to be discovered is shown in the [Research] page in the relevant concept. Depending on the concept insights modifier, a team will be able to see 1 to 6 concepts that are still up for discovery. It's possible that there are more than 6 that are still to be discovered, in that case the maximum will always be 6 until less than 6 are still up to be discovered.

Future ratings

A concept usually is valid for several seasons. It's possible to look into the future and see what the future characteristics of a concept will be. Depending on the concept insights modifier, more or less years can be looked into.

Research rating

This modifier is calculated using the combination of all the inventive skills of the designers who are assigned into a designer role.

Concept discovery chance

The higher the research rating is, the better the chance that a concept is found when points are spent to discover new concepts.

Development rating

This modifier is calculated using the combination of all the reproductive skills of the designers who are assigned into a designer role.

Initial rating

When a new project is started to build a development part based on a concept, the start rating is calculated. The better the development rating modifier is, the higher the initial ratings of the project will be.