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The cars page allows you to prepare your cars to go on track. You can create the skeleton of the car on which the parts will be mounted, order supplier parts and mount them with your own produced parts to the car.

Car management

In order to mount parts to the car, you need to create the skeleton of the car. This skeleton will be used to mount parts on such as the chassis, gearbox, engine, ... Every car needs a name which it can be differentiated with, and a driver needs to be assigned to each car. A total of 4 cars can be created.

Once a car has been created, it will be shown in the table. All the characteristics are shown as well if they're known. If the characteristics state that they're unknown, then the next column will show why next to "missing or unrevealed". If one part is missing or unrevealed, then the car's characteristics are unknown.

The last column will also indicate if there are parts that have had a clear performance drop, or parts that are close to their maximum and risk to stop working (which causes a DNF).



Weight is always bad for cars, and the heavier the car is, the worse the handling of the car will be.


The aerodynamics parameter is a mix of the parts that have the aerodynamic characteristic.


The grip parameter is a mix of all the parts that have the grip characteristic.


Speed indicates how fast the car can go on top speed. This includes top speed and acceleration.

Fast corners

Fast corners is as the name indicates, how fast the car can travel through fast corners. Corners that are taken at a high speed. This is a mixture of the aerodynamic properties of the car and the grip factor of the car.

Slow corners

Slow corners are taken at slow speed, and this attribute defines how fast the slow corners can be taken. This characteristic relies on the grip characteristic.

Order supplier parts

Once a supplier contract has been signed, it will be possible to order an engine, tires or brakes from the supplier at the agreed cost per set.

Car assembly

All the cars that are listed in the car management panel are also shown in the assembly panel. Every part type is listed, and every part that has been created for that part type are also listed. By clicking the car name you mount the part to that car. By clicking unassign you take the part of the car, and by clicking delete the part is deleted for ever. If the button is gray then it means that the car is on track.