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The desk page is the main hub of the game. It is the page that you first go to when logging into the game and gives you an overview of your team and any e-mails you have received.


The calendar panel shows the upcoming team events in the next couple of days. If there are things that need to be done as soon as possible (such as a team presentation, or picking a speciality), then those will always show up in the current day.

Coming up

The coming up panel shows up all the interesting projects that are close to being finished. These projects can be supplier negotiations, person negotiations or sponsor negotiations. The progress below indicates how far the negotiations have advanced. This section will also show a warning when you have reached the maximum amount of points in a particular area.


All notifications and team messages are sent to you as an e-mail. This way you will be kept up to date as a team manager of your team. Unread messages are shown in bold. Clicking on an e-mail will show you the contents of that e-mail and depending on the message, there will be links to take you to other pages in the game relating to that message. All e-mails have a coloured category assigned to help you recognise certain messages quicker.


Decisions are generated from time to time, and allow you to take a one off decision which has potential implications on several aspects of your team. These impacts are always listed, so you can decide which one is best for you to take at this moment. The decision will arrive as a pop-up on your screen when accessing the desk page for the first time after this decision was made available. On the pop-up you can select which decision you would like to take or you can click "Don't decide right now" and the pop-up will disappear. The decision will then appear in the decisions panel on the desk from where you can make that decision. If you don't select an option, the game will automatically randomly select one after one week.


The Pitwall newspaper always shows the current most interesting news in the world of Pitwall. Over time automatically there will be new articles based on the activity of teams or given interviews.