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The headquarters is where your entire team is based. A brand new team starts of with a basic level 1 headquarters. It's possible to upgrade the headquarters to a higher level, which has more possibilities. Each headquarter has a limit of module- and personnel space. Also the number of development- and production projects is limited per headquarters. Higher level headquarters have more space and room, but they come at a higher maintenance cost. Another way of expanding the space for staff and projects is by building additional modules.

Constructing a new HQ

It's possible to construct a new headquarters by clicking the Construct button on the new headquarters that you want to build. You can always choose between 2 plans: to pay the cost straight away, or to pay the cost spread out over the building of the headquarters. Once you start constructing the headquarters, you can always cancel the construction. Once the new headquarter is finished, the old headquarters will be demolished automatically.


The modules can be used to expand staff space and points per hour. Your already built modules are shown in the Current modules panel. In the Available modules panel you can see the modules that are available to be built. Each module shows what extra benefits building that specific module gives.