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The Overview panel gives you an overview of all the recent financial transactions that have been made in the last week. It shows the total amount of money that has been added/deducted from your balance in the current week, and also the amount of the most recent transaction.

Items on the left show the breakdown of your income from that week whilst items on the right show the breakdown of the expenses your team has spent that week. You can see the totals at the bottom of each column and a grand total of profit/loss made that week at the bottom.


Pitwall supporters have access to expenses and income charts. These will show a pie chart that can quickly give you an overview of where your income or outcome streams are coming from or going to.

Balance history

The balance history shows the balance per week per season. It's possible to see whether you're going into the green or red with this tool. It's possible to go to previous seasons by clicking Previous season on the left top.


If you want to loan money from the bank because you are running out of cash, then you can do so in the Loans panel. There are three different loan plans, which all have a different rate. The rate varies from week to week, so sometimes it can be a good idea to wait a bit. The loaned money will be added to your bank balance straight away, and the money that you loaned will have to be paid back over the payback term period. There's a minimum of 500 000,- and a maximum of 10 000 000,- to loan. It's also only possible to have one loan at a time.

Another way of injecting cash into your team is by going public. More information can be found in the [help]team[/help] page.


If you have cash to spare then you can always make an investment. The rates are just like the loans varying, so there are worse and better times to take the investment. The rate is also non-cumulative, so the rate is calculated on the invested money and paid back once the investment term is over. The invested money is taken from your balance straight away, and the minimum amount to invest is 1 000 000,- while the maximum is 10 000 000,-. It's also only possible to invest money you have in your balance, so it's not possible to invest an amount that would lead you into debt. Unlike the loans, it is possible to do 3 investments at once.