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The person profile gives you all the information that you need to know about a person his personality, skills, personal information, ... The job market allows you to search for other persons in the game to approach.

Person information


The profile panel shows all the personal information of the person. It also shows the preferred job of the person, which is the job he's specialized in. This doesn't mean that he won't be able to work in other jobs, but his preferred job is always his best job. The ranking shows the ranking of the person. This ranking can also be seen on the job market, but it's limited to the top 30 there. For every job type there is a ranking, and for the youth drivers there's a ranking per age category as well.


The personality of a person is shown in the Personality panel. This makes every person different from another.


The morale is the current happiness of the person. It's a very short term thing, and it can change easily from day to day.


The motivation is the long term happiness of the person. It's directly and only influenced by the morale. If the morale is low for a long time, then the motivation of the person will start to drop. If the motivation is low, then a person will work not at their optimal value.


The more loyal a person is, the more likely he'll want to stay with the current team he's working for when there are contract negotiations going on. A very un-loyal person will not care what team they're working for.


The more professional a person is, the more he will follow the "rules" of the game. When determining the dismissal price, a more professional person will want less money (this is only 1 factor in the calculation of this price though) in order to leave without a fight. A more professional person will not be open for negotiations as quick as a very unprofessional person (again, this is only one of the factors). A professional person will also not make extravagant demands when discussing a contract. Also the professionalism skill will determine how fast the person is willing to discuss a new contract towards the end of their current contract.


An intelligent person will know his position much better in the power position determination. He will be much more aware of how good or bad his position is.


The charisma plays an influence in the morale for every person. If there are many different kind of characters, then the morale of a person who is very different from others will drop.


The more ambitious a person is, the faster they'll be open to discuss a new contract.

Higher education degrees

The higher education degrees panel gives information about staff their education degree. The higher this is, the more chance there is that this person is talented in their job.


The contract that is currently active is shown in this panel. If the person is approachable (when they want to discuss a new contract with either the current or a new team), the current contract is displayed for everyone. If not, then only the current manager can see the contract.

Interested managers

The interested managers panel indicates which managers have this person on their shortlist. Whenever something happens to this person, they get notified of this (example: a contract is offered).


Persons can have good or bad relations with each other. This influences their morale. If they like or dislike someone, it is shown in here.


Add/Remove from shortlist

By clicking this button the person is added to your shortlist. This means that you will get a news center message every time an action happens with this person.

Add to scout queue

This directs the scout of the team to generate a report of this person when possible.

Sign as guest driver

In the testing only weeks it's possible to sign up to three guest drivers to test them out.


Approach the driver for contract negotiations. This is the very first step when you want to sign this person for your team. Whether the person is approachable or not depends on several factors. First of all is this split up between the current manager and the other managers. The current manager is the owner of the current team. It's possible that the person will want to discuss a contract with the current manager, but not with others. The factors that play a role in this are: the motivation of the person (the higher the more likely he wants to stay), ambitiousness (the less ambitious the more likely he wants to stay), professionalism (the more professional, the more likely he wants to stay) and loyalty (the more loyal the more likely he wants to stay).

Allow talks immediately

If the person is in your team but you want to release them for free, then you can press this button. This allows other teams to talk to this person straight away no matter how long the contract has remaining. Once the person agrees to a deal, the person will move immediately to the other team.

Allow talks next season

This works similarly as to the above option, with the exception that the person will only leave the team next season.

Exercise extension

If you have a manager extension option on the contract, then you can exercise it here. Once you click the button the contract will be extended automatically with one year. If the person has already signed another contract with another team, then this won't be an option anymore of course.


When you want to dismiss the person from your team, then you will need to dismiss them using this button.

Scout reports

When a scout files a scout report about this person, then it will show up here. Every time the scout reports on a person, a certain set of skills are reported on. In order to get a full picture of the skills (a rating out of 10 instead of 3 or 5), you need to scout a person multiple times. How much you know about them is called knowledge. The knowledge reveals the skills of the person.

Scout reports are limited in time, and when the scout report expires, the knowledge of the person drops. When this happens, it's possible that the skills you can see are back to a scale of 3 or 5 (instead of the full 10). Scouting the person again will reveal the full picture again.

Every time a person performs an action they will get a weekly form. This form stays the same for the entire week. The forms depends on the talent of the person. If they have a high talent, they will get a higher form on average. If the rating is higher on average, then you can be quite sure that the person has a high talent. The more talented a person is, the faster they will gain skills.


Every person has a set of skills. As discussed above in the scouting section does every person also have a talent value. Based on this value the person will gain in skill faster or slower. The current skills are shown in this panel.

Every skill also has a maximum value per person. If this maximum is reached, then they won't gain in skill anymore. Equally so, every person also has an age where their skills start dropping off. How much it drops off also depends per person just like the age where they start dropping off depends from person to person.

Every job type has different skills, but every job type also has an experience level. Experience plays an influence in the final performance outcome of the skills. It's something that has no limit, and it will never drop as losing experience is not possible.


  • Experience: The experience of a driver plays an influence in most of the drivers their skills. But the most influence is how much mistakes drivers will make. Asking to risk a lot in the rain from a driver who is not experienced is going to lead to many spins, collisions and mistakes.
  • Speed: The speed skill determines how good of a feeling the person has to get to the most maximum speed at certain parts of the track.
  • Corners: Cornering is very important, and how fast the person can go through corners is defined in the Corners skill.
  • Wet weather: Wet weather is very different to dry running, and it always makes certain drivers stand out more than others. How good drivers are in the rain is determined by this skill.
  • Technical: Technical drivers will have fewer difficulties setting up their car and thus requiring less track running time to get a perfect setup.
  • Starts: The Starts skill defines how fast a driver reacts to the lights going green. The higher this skill set, the faster the driver will start.
  • Overtaking: Catching up is one thing, overtaking is another. The Overtaking skill defines how good the driver can overtake drivers ahead.
  • Defending: In order to fend off attacks from behind, the driver can position his car in such a way that overtaking is quite difficult. If the Defending skill is high with a driver, then they'll be much harder to be overtaken.


  • Experience: The experience of a designer plays a significant role when parts are developed.
  • Reproductive: If a part is based on a previous part, then the reproductive skill will play the biggest role. The higher this skill, the better this based on design will be.
  • Inventive: When a part is designed from scratch, then the inventive skill plays the bigger role in defining how good a part is designed.


  • Experience: The experience of a mechanic plays a significant role in the listed skills below.
  • Pitstops: The higher this skill, the quicker pit stops will be done by the pit crew.
  • Discipline: Mechanics also produce parts, and the more disciplined they are the better the quality of the produced parts.

Commercial manager

  • Experience: The experience of a commercial manager plays a significant role in the listed skills below.
  • Contacts: The more contacts a commercial manager has, the less it will take to start negotiations when a party has not enough interest.
  • Persuade: The persuade skill defines how happy the negotiating party will be with the offered terms. If this is really high, then you can offer lower terms compared to a higher offer from a bad commercial manager with the same result.


  • Experience: The experience of a coach plays a significant role in the listed skills below.
  • Coaching: The higher the coaching ability, the faster youth drivers will progress in their skills.
  • Judge ability: The judge ability defines whether the coach can judge, and how much they can judge, what the current skill set of every person in your team is.


  • Experience: The experience of a scout plays a significant role in the listed skills below.
  • Determine: How accurate the report is when a scout is filing a report. If this skill is low, then the report can't be trusted.
  • Professionalism: How many reports a scout can file per week. The higher this is, the more reports the scout can do per week.


The records panel shows all the records for this person. This panel adapts to the preferred job of the person. A designer will have his fastest lap times done by a driver in this car, while a mechanic will have the fastest pit stop times shown per track. The driver will have his lap times shown with the track record shown as well so that every manager knows which driver is close to the track record.


The history panel gives an overview of all the teams that the person has raced for, and the results that were reached in those seasons by showing how many races were driven, races won, podiums reached, etc. The table in every season shows the results per track, but also shows what the results of the team mate of the driver. This way you can easily find out if this driver beat their team mate regularly in the qualifying and race.

Job market


The listings panel shows you a table of all the persons that are available in the game. The filter on top allows you to filter on different kind of settings.

Running negotiations

When you are in negotiations with a person, this panel shows you an overview of all the running negotiations. It also offers you a direct link to the negotiations in case you want to make changes.


The shortlist panel shows all the persons that were added to the shortlist.


All the persons are ranked based on their results. On the profile page their individual ranking can be seen, but on the Ranking panel the top 30 of all the persons is shown per job type. The youth drivers are categorized per age category. The ranking gives a good indication of all the well skilled persons, but it also makes them aware of how good they are. The ranking gives them a higher power position, and thus will increase their demands.


Negotiations with a person are similar to sponsors negotiations. The person gives the demands, and then an offer can be made. Once an offer is made, this can't be reduced as progress is calculated on this offer.

The moment the deadline is reached, the person will decide what the best offer was for them and sign with that team. At any moment until the deadline can a team pull back from negotiations.