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Current points

There are 4 different types of points: administrative (black), designer (blue), mechanic (red) & commercial (gold). This panel shows how many points you currently have, and the maximum of points you can keep before no more points are added. This maximum number of points is defined by your head quarters ([help]facilities[/help]), and is shown in smaller font. For example: 150/800, then 150 is the current amount of points, and 800 is the maximum. Once you have 799 points and 3 points are supposed to be added, only 1 will be added.

Hourly increase

Each hour update (at xx:00) you get points added to each points category. How much points are added depends per category of points and is shown next to "TOTAL". These points are decimal and are added as a decimal, but they are always rounded off (to the bottom) when they are displayed. There are modifiers that have a positive effect on the number of points you receive, and there are also modifiers that have a negative effect. You cannot spend more points than you have. Short term decisions may result in a deduction that is bigger than the balance available. In this case only, the balance can be negative.

Cost modifiers

Every action that costs points is also influenced by the points cost modifier. Certain influences have a positive or negative effect on the cost. If the cost modifier is 110% for designer for example, then you will pay 10% more than you normally should. Having a specialization will reduce the cost modifier for the chosen category. Short term focus and discipline can also influence cost modifiers.


The history panel allows you to see all your transactions of points.