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The qualification page is the page that shows all the results from the qualification session. If the session is live then you'll be able to send your cars out from this page to qualify for the race.


This panel contains the track information. This information is also available from the [help]track[/help] page, and it also shows the wear values. These indicate how much wear there are on the parts that can fail (such as the engine, tires and the gearbox) due to mechanical failures. Finally it also shows the current weather. Unlike the races, the weather does not change in the testing or qualification sessions.


The timings panel shows all the times that have been done in this session. Only the fastest lap is shown.


The highlights from the qualification session are shown in this panel. It includes messages from when the drivers leave or enter the pits, when they make mistakes on track, collisions, etc.

Driver information

The driver information panel gives you a quick overview of all the cars that were created on the [help]cars[/help] page. In the qualification session only the 1st and 2nd drivers' car can be sent out. The moment the car is sent out the car will go to the track the next minute.

Detailed timings

The detailed timings panel allows you to take a look at all the laps that all the drivers have done. The drivers who have done laps are shown in in the panel as buttons, and when you click on the button the detailed timings will be shown. If the driver is your driver you'll see a lot of detailed information, otherwise this is blank.