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Once parts have finished Development, they can be produced into real parts that can be mounted to the car on the Cars page. Producing parts can be done on the Development page.


It costs mechanic points to produce a part. How many points it costs depends on various factors such as for example the type of part.

Production quality

This is taken into account in the production of parts to determine how close, in terms of ratings and weight, the produced parts will be to the ratings and weight given in the Development plan. This is determined by the Mechanic team (assigned Head and Junior Mechanics) and other factors. The lower this is, the worse parts will be when compared to the design. If your mechanics have a really low skill, it's possible that parts will differentiate in rating even when they are produced from the same plan.

Production time

Parts are produced instantly and available the moment they are ordered. There's no storage limit of parts, but as every part costs money to produce it wouldn't be a good idea to produce way more than your team needs.