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The race page is the page that shows all the results or the live timing from the race session.


This panel contains the track information. This information is also available from the [help]track[/help] page, and it also shows the wear values. These indicate how much wear there are on the parts that can fail (such as the engine, tires and the gearbox) due to mechanical failures. Finally it also shows the current weather. The weather shows the weather and track condition of the current and following laps.


The timings panel shows all the times of the races. Only the last completed lap is shown, or the current live lap.


The highlights of the race are shown in this panel. It includes messages about when the drivers leave or enter the pits, when they make mistakes on track, collisions, etc.

Driver information

The driver information panel gives you an overview of the qualified cars that were created on the [help]cars[/help] page. Before the race the start fuel and start orders/engine management can be set here. This panel also includes the strategy which can be updated live during the race.

Race results

Once the race is completed the unofficial results are shown. These are officiated once the cars have been checked on legality. All cars are checked on whether they have followed the rule book (for example: used the minimum amount of tyres of a certain type). The top 3 finishing and 3 other random finishing cars are also technically checked. In this technical check the legality of 6 random parts are checked. If a part which is based on an illegal concept is found, the car will be disqualified.