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In order to strengthen your team in its knowledge assets, it's vital to have a scout who scouts around looking for better drivers or staff. All the scouting options can be set on this page, and you get an overview of the recent scout reports.

Scout settings

The scout settings apply to the head scout. If you change the head scout it's possible that these settings are changed. So always make sure that the scout settings are correct when you've changed the scout.

A scout can have a roaming option enabled. This means that if the scout has an opportunity to perform a scout report, but he has nobody in the queue or nobody in the queue who is active, then he will scout another person. As scouts have a maximum number of scout reports per week, this will mean that chances of scouting people who are on the queue are reduced.

Persons are only scouted when they are active, meaning for drivers when they're in a race (youth or main) and for staff when they're in a head role position. For drivers you can specify if the driver needs to be without a team, or what the maximum age can be. Staff can have a specification of which job type can only be scouted.

Scout queue

Persons who still need to be scouted are shown in scout queue panel. By clicking the plus icon next to the name you can add an additional scout report request. If the report request needs to be removed, then the Delete button will take care of that. It's possible to request a scout report from the [help]person[/help] profile.


The knowledge panel is your general scouting knowledge base. All the scout reports that have ever been done for your team are bundled in this panel. As is explained how the scouting system works in the scouting section of the [help]person[/help] page (please read it for more information), scout reports expire. When this is the case the characteristics will disappear and the knowledge will lower, but the average rating will always stay available.

Scout reports

The scout reports panel has a list of the 20 most recent scout reports. It can serve as a reminder who were the last scouted persons. You can also hide the scout reports that were not interesting. Those reports will not be deleted, just hidden from this view.