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The standings page offers an insight in the participating teams in the division, and in the current constructor and driver standings.


The overview panel offers an overview of the competing teams in the division. The team livery of the current season is shown, as well as the manager and the head designer and mechanic. Finally the suppliers complete the list.

Constructor standings

The constructor standings table shows the points that each team has scored per track. The team in a green background are champions and will be promoted if they're not in the highest tier yet. The teams in a red background will be relegated to a lower tier if they're not in the lowest tier yet.

The Wins column shows how many wins the team took that season, the Podium column podia, in points how many times the team finished in a points scoring position, average position what the average position was (with the number of cars that raced in total for the team) and the missed column shows how many times the team completely missed the race weekend (this number is used to break contracts if a number of missed races is in the contract).

Driver standings

The driver standings table is similar to the constructor table, with the difference that the table is split up per driver. The driver in a gold background is your own driver.