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The team page is where you go if you want to make direct changes to your team as a whole.

Team presentation and change livery

In the beginning of the season you can present your car and decide the quality of the team presentation you want to do. The more expensive the team presentation, the more interest in sponsors you will generate (read more in [help]sponsors[/help] why that is important).

Combined with the team presentation, you can also update your livery. Before you present your car, the Standings page will show a red blanket over your car. Updating your livery is free of charge. If you want to upload a custom livery, then you must have Pitwall Supporter. Please note that there are rules to accept when uploading a custom livery (no offensive liveries, etc.).

Competition management

In case you want to leave the competition for a while, then you can always do so by pressing the Leave competition button. If you change your mind, you can always annul this action before the season update (Sunday 23:59:59 of week 13). Once the season update starts, the team will be removed from the division updater, and the team won't be assigned to a division. The moment the team is without a division, it can only re-enter competition by entering at the lowest division tier.

If a team in the lowest tier doesn't race a single main race during a season it will automatically leave competition to make space for new teams.


The discipline of a team shows how disciplined its personnel is. The more disciplined, the more the job will be done as it should be. If discipline is low, then the persons in the team won't be performing at their best level and the points required for a task will be higher (see [help]modifiers[/help] for more information about Cost Modifiers). This rating changes every hour according to the team's image (see [help]fans[/help]). So this rating will be evolving all the time. It's possible to immediately increase discipline by spending administrative points.


The synergy of a team shows how well gelled together a team is. A high level will mean that the members will try to go the extra mile. A low level means that they're not working at their optimal level. Synergy will give you a bonus when it comes to the hourly points increase of all types. This rating is updated during each hour update, as it is influenced by the positivism trait of each person. It's also possible to specialise in team spirit (see below) which will increase the level as well. It's possible to immediately increase this rating by spending administrative points as well.

Short term focus

The short term focus is a focus that can be changed rather quickly. If a change is made, then it will need a little transition period. This focus has an influence on the hourly points and cost modifiers (see [help]modifiers[/help] for more information) that are distributed for designers, mechanics, and commercials, or on the general performance of coaches and scouts.


Every team can activate two specialisations to make their team different from other teams. It's a specialisation that gives a very slight boost to a certain aspect of the game. Once you choose a specialisation, they are active for 2 seasons and can't be changed for that period. Active specialisations have a green background.

Quick developers

Receive an extra designer point each hour update, and a -5% deduction in the designer cost modifier.

Quick mechanics

Receive an extra mechanic point each hour update, and a -5% deduction in the mechanic cost modifier.

Quick commercials

Receive an extra commercial point each hour update, and a -5% deduction in the commercial cost modifier.

Master tacticians

This specialty allows you to see two fuel consumption digits instead of one. It will give you a much better indication of fuel consumption, and prevent more out of fuel retirements.


The team with a lot of charisma will have an easier time talking to persons. Therefore they will be able to offer less than teams without this specialty, without suffering a loss in interest from the person.

PR masters

This specialty is similar to the charisma, but it has an effect on the sponsors and suppliers negotiations.

Team spirit

Having this specialty will result in a higher synergy for the team. The higher synergy will make your team work together better and thus give better overall performance.

Disciplined bunch

The disciplined bunch gives your team a more disciplined team and in result will make your team work together better and thus give better overall performance.


Every team that is founded will start off as a private team by default. A team that is in private hands will always keep their manager unless it is the manager who resigns from the team.

Teams can also go public whereby they sell 100% (100 shares) of the ownership rights for a predetermined sum as decided by the game which will be added to the team's financial balance. Teams can only go fully public and can't sell less than 100%. The shares will then be available on the market, and the highest bidder will receive the share. Since the team sold the shares to the market, they won't receive any extra money that might have been bid on the shares.

From the moment that the team has sold shares, they are considered a public company. A public company has two bodies that overlook the performance of the manager: the board of directors and the shareholders.

Board of directors

The board of directors is a system that is managed by the game. The board of directors decide the objectives based on the current form of the team together with the shareholders. If the board of directors feel at the end of the year that not enough objectives were met, they might decide to dismiss the manager. If the manager joined after week 2, then he will be exempt from this objective evaluation system in his first season with the team.


The shareholders are the group of players who hold shares of the team. In their [life] section they can choose multiple options. One of those options is whether they want to fire the manager. If at least 50% of the shareholders decide to dismiss the manager, then the manager will be dismissed the moment the 50th share decides to dismiss the manager.