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The tracks page gives an overview of all the tracks that are in the game. If a specific track is selected, then more information about this track is shown.


When no track is selected, all the tracks that are in Pitwall are shown. Clicking on a track will give you more information about each track.

Detailed track

Track information

The track information panel gives important strategic information. The length of the track, but also the length of the pit lane. The longer the pit lane, the longer the total pit stop time will be. The smaller the pit box, the fewer people will be able to work on the car in the pit stop.


A description of the track.


Every track is unique. Some track require more speed from a car than other tracks, while others might require better handling. Some suit cars best that have a very good cornering and handling whereas speed might not play such an important role. All this information is shown in this box, and it's compared to the other tracks. If your car performs really well on some tracks, but not at all on others then this is probably the reason why.


The layout of the track is shown, and indicates how many parts the track has. Every track has a specific requirement of the car, and has a specific length. All that information is shown in the table on the right.


The records section is very interesting as it keeps all the track records from any session in Pitwall. These are split up per job type, so you can see for example which designer has designed the car that went around fastest, or which mechanic had the fastest pit stop time. The drivers is split up in the main drivers and the youth drivers, which are is up in different age categories.